900L high density hand knotted mulberry silk collection art persian rug

Model No. : SK05081102
Brand Name : persian splendor

US $ 26857

5X8ft blue color handmade silk persian carpet for bedroom

Model No. : SK06091108
Brand Name : persian carpet

US $ 4590

5x8ft dark blue color handmade silk persian carpet for sitting room,

Model No. : SK05091305
Brand Name : persian splendor

US $ 5218

5x8ft handmade silk persian carpet for home decor

Model No. : SK0508120
Brand Name : persian splendor

US $ 3600

The manufacturer of high-quality handmade silk carpet is Yamei Carpet Factory

Model No. : YL600582
Brand Name : Persian splendor

US $ 130

yamei the Spring Festival Discount Persian art pattern supply Tapestries

Model No. : 63690123

US $ 130

yamei carpet was awarded the gold award by the world craft chamber of Commerce

Model No. : ys090308
Brand Name : yamei legend

CNY ¥ 90

Wholesale art tapestries, wall carpets, silk handmade carpets

Model No. : ys090301
Brand Name : Persian Splendor

US $ 4000