Large size red 16x24ft handmade silk carpet Persian carpet

Model No. : SK16240146
Brand Name : persian splendor

US $ 49370

Mulberry silk carpet 14x20 ft wholesale and retail Handmade Persian art carpet

Model No. : TL5014203
Brand Name : yamei carpet

US $ 150

Production of large-scale handmade wall carpets and tapestries

Model No. : yu90082
Brand Name : Persian riches

US $ 1

handmade silk carpets 18 x 24 ft worth millions of yuan

Model No. : yu030602
Brand Name : Persian Splendor

CNY ¥ 1

Make History! The First Special handmade Carpet / majlis carpet

Model No. : SY030052
Brand Name : Persian Splendor

US $ 160

2024The boss can have it! Wangfu Wangcai's handed down advanced art tapestry

Model No. : k60060823

US $ 180

Oversized Handmade 151x85ft Persian carpet of the same quality as Mercedes Benz

Model No. : k6006056
Brand Name : Yamei

US $ 180

World Handmade Large Silk Carpet 28x48 ft Handmade Art tapestry

Model No. : k60060812
Brand Name : Yamei

US $ 180

Chinas good natural silk carpet factory - yamei Production of extra large carpet

Model No. : k6006081

US $ 180