2.5x4ft blue color antique handmade silk persian collection rug and tapestry

Model No. : SK025040112
Brand Name : persian splendor

US $ 3145

persian splendor handmade silk art wall hanging tapestry prayer rug

Model No. : SK10055
Brand Name : persian splendor

CNY ¥ 780

800L Handwoven 2x3ft wall silk tapestry prayer carpet

Model No. : SK0203041-2
Brand Name : persian splendor

US $ 4600

Silk material Asian American hand-made art tapestry 2x2ft study tapestry

Model No. : YL50023020
Brand Name : Yamei legend

US $ 320

Handmade Persian Silk Art Tapestry -prayer carpet for Craftsman and Artist

Model No. : YU036033
Brand Name : yamei carpet

US $ 90