Name :handmade pure Art rug
Knot : 1100L ( line )
Specification :32X45CM
Unit price :30000 USD
Diagram number :880001
Quantity : 1

Name :handmade pure 100% Art silk rugs
Knot : 600L ( line )
Specification :25X65ft
Unit price :
Diagram number :880002
Quantity : 1

Name :handmade pure Antique carpets
Knot : 600L ( line )
Specification :13x39ft
Unit price : USD
Diagram number :880003
Quantity :1 pcs

Name :handmade pure 100% silk Art Carpet
Knot : 600L ( line )
Specification :6X9ft
Unit price :
Diagram number :880004
Quantity :5

Name :handmade pure 100% silk Art carpet
Knot :800L ( line )
Specification :3.3X6.5FT, 3.3X3FT
Unit price :
Diagram number :880005
Quantity :3

Name :handmade pure Art silk carpet
Knot : 800L ( line )
Specification :9X12ft
Unit price : 35100 USD/per piece
Diagram number :890006
Quantity :1

High lines natural silk carpet in the china XiChuan Yamei
---------releasing oxygen silk carpet in the China XiChuan YaMei!!!

The design of the Persia natural silk carpet chooses a material of extremely abundant, all kinds of the persons who body wears national clothing, all shapes and sizes birds and beasts ,flowers and birds fish insect and some history topics, all can become Persia carpet design. Persia carpet use the dyestuff that from natural plant and mineral to dye and match. Therefore, after a hundred years later still brilliance and gorgeous, the color and luster no reduce, be rated as an unique.
The bright Persia civilization expresses thoroughly in the high-lines natural silk carpet, that continuing life tree, the peaceful hunting field , all indicate a kind of deep, feel like Arabian Nights, make the atmosphere that the living quarters fills the air a kind of foreign country. This carpet gets material from Persia people living field or the pattern of mosque, it is exquisite article in the handmade natural silk carpet, selling the lower price, for example, with the specification of 8 feet×10 feet, the price of the each piece is about USD5000, purchaser is mostly white-collar person who like the religion culture.
Persia carpet emphasizes handicraft weave. Weave a handicraft Persia carpet, the profession knitter start learn from 7--8 years old, until the marriage age then can control technique completely. In order to emphasizing the handicraft knits it demand 8-18 months then can complete a tradition Persia carpet.
The natural silk carpet which more than 300 lines, texture thin and soft, hand feeling comfortable, there are 90,000 handcraft knots in one square foot scope. The knitter demand using a great deal of time to complete a work. Therefore, nature silk carpet really has the function of retaining in value and increasing in value. The carpet can be washed with water is thin and soft, wear resistance, antislip function is very good, the product of the baby size can be washed in washing machine, according to the different area, its price around from USD 100-USD 1000. the practicability is stronger.The deluxe prewashed natural silk carpet of the big size and USD5000---USD10000 deluxe natural silk carpet have immovable consumptions
be preferred by scholar writer and lately noble. The production has a lot of advantage, including not to live an insect , constant color, clean easily, From living oxygen, we suggest consumers to along the hair direction to tidy up with the vacuum during the period of use.
There is a well-known oral expression in the professional carpet dealer of the world, the world woolen blanket is in Iran , the world silk carpet in Henan , in fact, Iran has engaged in the woolen blanket weave and a little amount silk carpet. The Silk Road from the ancient 1500 of China, the Xinjiang in China,Hebei province, Shanxi province and Henan province etc. many of these places carpets has been developing into Beijing pattern, colored pattern, archaize pattern, eastern pattern with their own local features. Henan Xichuan has woven the 200 L silk carpet since 1958, at that time the knitting level is very fine, the carpets has been rushed to buy and ordered goods by many Persia gulf carpet dealer in the commodity fair and who want to order the Persia carpet every year. After that Xichuan engineers developed 260L and 300L Persian carpet and continuously many carpet dealer demand more senior carpet through china reform and opening to the outside world. Technical staff has developed 1200 L especially upscale carpet in 1999. The No. one in the world, China Yamei, This is not easy honor for come, Yamei people realizes the heavy responsibility that the carpet leads the way of the world carpet.
At the main market and famous hotels of the world you will discover China Yamei carpet by pay no attention. Yamei carpet concentrate on its practice value and function of absorbing ash, soundproof, damp proof insulation , antiskid, decorate etc, but also pay attention to the cultural content that the product back contain and increase in value , maintain the value and its collection value, especially the natural silkworm material choose etc. it earn a honor a title of living oxygen of ture silk carpet.
Especially Chinese Yamei handmade weave of more than 500L deluxe artistic natural carpet which already became the uncrowned king in the carpet field of the world, the number is up to 1200L handmade silk carpet has been hated with the good reputation of ‘soft gold’.
The handicraft deluxe silk carpet ,in China Yamei, producing above 500 lines by 2000-2013 as following:
600 lines= 58 pieces
the specification including 3× 5ft , 2× 3ft ,1.5× 2ft .
700 lines = 36 pieces
the specification including 2× 3ft , 1.5× 2ft . be entitled ‘carpet top carpet’
800 lines = 18 pieces
the specification including 1.5× 2ft 1× 1.5ft ,. be entitled ‘flower in the carpet of the world’
1000 lines = 6 pieces
the specification including 1× 1.5ft ,. be entitled ‘flower in the carpet of the world’
1100 lines = 2 pieces
the specification including 1× 1.5ft ,. be entitled ‘king in the carpet of the world’
1150 lines= 2 pieces
the specification including 1× 1.5ft = 1piece, the specification including1× 2ft = 1 pcs. be entitled ‘king in the carpet of the world’
1200 lines = 1 pieces
the specification including 1× 1.5ft (30.5× 46cm )(using 6 years to completed 1200 lines by 1993-1999).
The world collections has hatted with the good reputation of"soft gold".The No. one in world, China Yamei.
Above all has been sold except each piece of 1000 lines,1150 lines, 1200 lines are displaying in our exhibition hall. We have planned to bid the 2017 one in world publicly, 1200 lines ‘ soft gold’ base price USD283,000 . If you have real strength welcome you to bid whoever you are group or individual.
E-mail:silkcarpet@126. com
Public commitment: The person who has bought 1200 lines carpet will be awarded a certificate named NO.ONE IN THE WORLD by our factory manager and honor advisor at China Yamei carpet, and take a photo with the female engineer who has completed the carpet. During purchasing the carpet 30 years if you discover another one same as ours and can return it to us, you can also obtain another compensation USD100,000. The No. one in the world, China Yamei, this stay to spread thousand years name worthy of your trust.
                                                                            China Henan Xichuan Yamei Carpet Factory

100% silk carpet
100% silk carpet