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Yamei Group 

China Henan Xichuan Yamei Carpet Factory,amei  which was established in 1972,is one of the world’s biggest handmade carpet manufacturers. Our annual production is more than 13 million square metres in wool carpet and annual production capacity is more than 28 million square meters in handmade carpets.
Yamei Collection carpet factory is a preferred carpet quality suppliers.
Our products have been sold to the Arab Middle East, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan,The U.S.A , Germany, France, the Netherlands, Finland and Italy.We also attract many Turkish and Iranian carpet dealers to come to my factory to learn and exchange.
Approved by the aboard of directors of yamei group in 2013,we respectively invested $ 20 million and $ 30 million to take over a tent company and a resin clock company .Both two company are large leading companies in china.The products are hot sale all over the world.The designs are peculiar,the Manufacturing is professional,and the process is rigorous.To ensure clients’s interests,we will execute the same service as yamei carpet factory super service standard for the clients who purchase tents,resin clocks ,craft decorations and carpets from yamei sales company.
1) silk carpets,handmade carpets,prayer rugs,washed persian silk carpets,antique carpets, persian carpets,wall hangings, art silk tapestries.
Density grade :300 lines,400 lines,500 lines,600 lines,800 lines,1000 lines,1200  lines.
2) hand - woven silk and wool carpets, wool carpets, art wool tapestries.
3) shaggy carpet.
Weight: 2000gk / m2 ,2800gk/ m2, 3500 gk/ m2, 4500 gk/ m2, 5500 gk/ m2.
4) big tent,double decker tent,high peak tent,mixed tent,warehouse tent,hanger tent,wedding tent,sport event tent,military tent,business tent.
5) clocks and watches,polyresin clock,european craft jewelry,craft decoration
ADD: NO.168 of  Danan Road,Dashi Street,Panyu District,Guangzhou,511430,P.R.China.
China email:  carpets@188.com    Carpet english email: silkcarpet@126.com  
Tent english email: shyus@126.com   Clock english email:  silk38@sina.com TEL:0086+83591983
24 hours General Manager English Mobile: 0086 + (0) 13826263683 China service telephone: 0086+138+2628+8657 http://www.carpetsilk.com


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